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Protein Expression

We apply our experience and depth of knowledge in producing recombinant protein products to your protein expression projects.


Our flexible approach is scalable to meet your requirements from small, 100ml shake flask scale expression experiments up to 80 litres of culture across our battery of fermenters.  In most circumstances, we use E. coli as the host strain, but we are establishing protocols for the expression of proteins in SF9 insect cells using the baculovirus system as an alternative for proteins that prove refractory to expression in E. coli.


We work closely with project sponsors at every stage of the development process, from designing the DNA expression constructs to providing the recombinant proteins.  Our previous projects have included the production of T. cruzi CYP51 for use in screening assays, producing mosquito CYPs for use in insecticide development and providing a panel of canine CYPs for use by a major veterinary medicine company. We have also developed non-CYP proteins that have been produced in active form for pharmaceutical development.


All of our processes adhere to our ISO9001 accredited quality system, ensuring your peace of mind.

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