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Bactosomes, bacterial membranes containing recombinant enzymes (CYPs co-expressed with reductase, CES, ALDH etc), together with our panel of cytosolic enzymes, cover a wide range of proteins involved in drug metabolism.

Since their development, our products have proved to be an extremely reliable cost-effective addition to the tools used in drug metabolism research.

  • Our products are used to generate robust in vitro data relating to how a development drug will be broken down in the human body, reducing the cost of failure at late-stage drug trials.
  • Data produced using our products is routinely used in submissions to regulatory bodies.
  • Our recombinant enzymes are the same as those found in vivo. The use of our Bactosome products complements liver microsomes and provides additional insights into the mechanisms of metabolism.
  • Our products are made to ISO 9001 quality standards, producing consistent and robust results.
  • Our animal enzymes can be used in vitro prior to selecting a test species for human drugs to ensure that the most appropriate species is selected.
  • Our expertise extends to agro-chemical development helping to ensure pesticides impact the pest, not the product.

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