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Sheep anti-human SULT1A3 antiserum

Catalogue Number: CYP602

Product Description: Polyclonal antiserum raised in sheep against purified recombinant human SULT1A3 (E. coli-expressed).

Amount: 50 µl serum

Storage: Store at -20°C. Avoid frequent temperature changes. Thaw on ice.

Intended Use: For laboratory (research) purposes only. A dilution of 1:10,000 is suggested for Western blotting applications (using ECL detection).

Western blotting specificity (human SULTs):

Lanes contain cell-free extract from E. coli strains expressing SULTs.
Lane 1: SULT1A1 (9 ng)
Lane 2: SULT1A2 (9 ng)
Lane 3: SULT1A3 (12 ng)
Lane 4: SULT1B1 (4 ng)
Lane 5: SULT1C2 (10 ng)
Lane 6: SULT1E1 (50 ng)
Lane 7: SULT2A1 (6 ng)

Western blotting specificity (human tissues):

Lane 1: Human jejunum 1 (6 µg)
Lane 2: Human jejunum 2 (6 µg)
Lane 3: Human liver 1 (5 µg)
Lane 4: Human liver 1 (2.5 µg)
Lane 5: Human liver 1 (1.25 µg)
Lane 6: Human SULT1A1 (25 ng)
Lane 7: Human SULT1A3 (20 ng)

Immunoinhibition of SULT activity:
This antiserum specifically inhibits members of the human SULT1A family. In human liver cytosol, SULT1A1 is selectively inhibited (SULT1A3 is not expressed in adult human liver):

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