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Anti-Rat CYP2C11 Data

Catalogue Number: R-PAP 121

Product Description: Polyclonal antiserum raised in goat against purified rat CYP2C11.

Amount: 200 µl serum

Storage: Store at -20°C. Avoid frequent temperature changes. Thaw on ice.

Intended Use: For laboratory (research) purposes only.

Applications: Immunoinhibition and Western blotting.

Typical Batch Characteristics

Specificity of immunoinhibition against rat CYPs:
CYP1A1: –

CYP1A2: –

CYP2B1: *

CYP2B2: *

CYP2C11: ***

CYP2E1: –

CYP3A2: –

CYP4A1: –

***: strong inhibition observed, **: moderate inhibition observed, *: weak inhibition observed, -: no inhibition observed

Potency of inhibition:

Graph showing immunoinhibition of testosterone 16beta-hydroxylation in liver microsomes prepared from a male rat. Anti-serum (0 – 50 µl) was pre-incubated with rat liver microsomes (200 µg protein) at room temperature for 30 min before starting the reaction. The final incubation volume was 500 µl. Data published by Daiichi Pure Chemical Co. Ltd.

Blotting Specificity:

CYP1A1: –

CYP1A2: –

CYP2A1: –

CYP2A2: –

CYP2B1: –

CYP2C6: *

CYP2C11: ***

CYP2C13: **

CYP2E1: *

CYP3A2: –

CYP4A1: –

Degree of cross-reactivity on Western blot: ***: strong, **: moderate, *: weak, -: not detectable

Western blot of liver microsomes prepared from a male rat (3 µg protein), showing the specificity of the R-PAP121 antibody. Data published by Daiichi Pure Chemical Co. Ltd.

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