Hypha Discovery and Cypex announce a partnership to expand client access to drug metabolites

Hypha Discovery Limited, the leading specialist CRO for drug metabolite provision, and Cypex Limited, experts in the provision of recombinant xenobiotic metabolising enzymes, have formed a partnership wherein Hypha can scale-up and purify metabolites made by Cypex enzymes (available as Bactosomes).
The partnership utilises the expert services Hypha Discovery already provides to pharmaceutical and agrochemical clients using its One Stop Metabolite Shop. The one-stop shop comprises a combination of both biological and chemical techniques so clients can quickly establish a method to identify and scale up production of any type of metabolite to support R&D needs. Expanding this toolbox to include additional xenobiotic-metabolising enzymes developed by Cypex, provides Hypha with even more options for synthesising and purifying metabolite standards for clients.
Cypex’s portfolio of recombinant enzymes is underpinned by patented technology which enables the expression of human and other mammalian drug-metabolising enzymes in bacteria. Access to Cypex’s enzymes augments the suite of PolyCYPs enzymes developed by Hypha scientists for accessing CYP derived metabolites. The partnership enables access to metabolites derived from CYP, FMO, AOX, UGT, SULT, CES, MOA enzymes from a variety of clinically relevant species, as well as humans.
Liam Evans, CEO of Hypha Discovery, commented: “We are delighted to further develop our relationship with Cypex, which strengthens Hypha’s position as the go-to company for metabolites. We value this opportunity to collaborate with the team at Cypex and are excited by the synergies that this partnership brings.” Michael Voice, Director of Cypex, added, “There is an obvious synergy between Cypex’s enzyme products and Hypha’s expertise in metabolite production, purification and identification. Our customers will not only have access to a wider range of services, they are also assured of the excellent level of personal service that both Cypex and Hypha pride themselves upon. I am delighted to be working with the team at Hypha to better serve our customers.”

For further information, contact:
Corporate Contact: Hypha Discovery Limited, Julia Shanu-Wilson, Head of Scientific Communications T: +44 (0)1753 568300 E: julia.shanuwilson@hyphadiscovery.co.uk
Cypex Limited Dr Michael Voice, Director
T: +44 (0)1382 562391 E: mwvoice@cypex.co.uk

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