We are pleased to announce the addition of two new products to our range.

Human MAOA and MAOB are members of the monoamine oxidase family of proteins and are brand new to our product line, following on from the recent launch of our UGT product range.


The enzymes are produced in insect cells and although this technology is well established, we are in the early stages of adopting it. Our recombinant human UGTs were the first group of products that we produced using this technology, and we look forward to developing it further.  Since their development, all our products have proved to be an extremely reliable cost-effective addition to the tools used in drug metabolism research.


We continue to work hard to expand our range of products but please do get in touch to discuss any bespoke requirements that would help to meet your needs.  Our specialist, highly skilled team is available to help guide your product or service choice. You will always deal directly with someone involved in making and developing the products, never a general customer service centre.

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