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Metabolite Generation

We use our enzymes in a bioreactor format to make metabolites from compounds that are of interest.


Depending on the compound and the enzymes used, we can produce up to 100mg of the metabolite, or more to meet your requirements.  This cost-effective approach produces metabolites that are difficult to synthesise chemically as we use whole E. coli in the bioreactor system, and the cofactor (NADPH) does not need to be added to the reaction, saving on costly reagents.


We have produced some of the metabolites in our catalogue this way, and have run successful client projects to make metabolites for identification for submission to regulatory agencies.


The advantage of using recombinant human CYPs in this way is that the enzymes are the same as those found in vivo (as compared to using endogenous fungal enzymes which may be more active) so you can be sure that that the metabolite produces will be the same as that produced in the liver.


We are happy to run small exploratory incubations, as well as larger incubations, to increase the amount of metabolite produced.


All of our products and services adhere to our ISO9001 accredited quality system.


Example metabolite generation

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