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We work with international pharmaceutical companies and world-leading academics to provide relevant tools to give reliable early insight during initial stage drug development and research studies.

Our lead scientists have more than 30 years’ experience and work closely with our customers to share their knowledge and provide a valuable, personal service.

Here are what just a few of our customers say about us:

We have been pleased to work with Cypex. They took the time to understand our needs, to consider the technical challenges and finally they did an excellent work.

Dr Aurélie Boucard
Aelis Farma

We have been working with the team at Cypex to realise the production of our custom enzyme since late 2020.  We are an  ISO13485 organisation with a requirement for a validated  R&D to Production pipeline.  As we are not experts in this area we needed a company with a specific understanding of our requirements and the ability to translate that into Product.  The team at Cypex were exemplary in helping us realise this and less than six months later we have a product!

Excellent technical knowledge, good co-operative attitude and the ability to troubleshoot all helped smooth the way.  We are continuing our upscaling with Cypex.


UK Manufacturer, Diagnostics

I can tell you that EasyCYP products are satisfying and collaboration with you is very easy-going and certainly we will continue it.

Dr Jakub Dominowski
Celon Pharma S.A.

We have worked with Cypex several times on the production of custom-made membranal preparations and our experience with them has always been excellent. Michael’s contribution was vital for planning the project, the communication was great and the work was done fast and at very high level of quality. It’s always great to work with professional people and Michael and all of the team at Cypex are professionals at the highest level.

Metabomed Ltd

“The quality of work and timeliness you and your team provided is impressive.  Piedmont will most certainly reach out to Cypex if additional metabolism studies are needed in the future.  I have enjoyed working with you on this project.”

Piedmont Pharma

“Recently, we have worked with Cypex to evaluate the potential of a new photoswitchable antifolate drug to inhibit CYP450 enzymes. From the very beginning, Michael and his team offered us personalized attention and very professional and efficient service. We look forward to working on a new project with Cypex again soon”.

Dr Núria Camarero
Institue for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC)

In our drug discovery programme to deliver preclinical candidates for Chagas disease,  a clear need emerged to develop a high throughput assay to rapidly assess whether the activity of our phenotypic screening hits against trypanosoma cruzi (Tc)  was predominantly driven by TcCYP51 inhibition.  To this end,  we engaged with Cypex to produce active TcCYP51 bactosomes that we could then use to develop a fluorescence based functional CYP51 inhibition assay.


“There were some significant challenges in generating sufficiently active material that Michael and his team were able to overcome and deliver for us in a timely manner.  Cypex is a responsive, resourceful and dedicated team of experts who assisted us greatly in our need for developing a key assay that is now published and used globally by the Chagas disease drug discovery community.

View the publication here

Professor Kevin Read
Chair of Quantitative Pharmacology and Head of DMPK
Drug Discovery Unit, University of Dundee

A major focus of our work in the Enzyme Characterisation Group at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) has been to characterise the major P450’s associated with insecticide resistance in mosquito vectors of malaria, dengue and zika.  We have worked closely with Cypex for several years to scale the production of mosquito P450s in E. coli.

They have tailored to our needs and provided consistently good quality P450 membranes as well as excellent service and advice.  This has really helped us to speed the development of in vitro assays and publications (Yunta, 2016)  that has opened up new partnerships with industry to guide the development of new compounds for tropical disease control.  I can recommend the Cypex team as the go-to people for recombinant P450 production.

Read more about LSTM’s work here

Dr Mark Paine
Head of the Enzyme Characterisation Group
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

We have an excellent working relationship with Cypex, and have always enjoyed a reliable and personal service for both custom syntheses and catalogue products.  I am currently working on a number of projects using Cypex recombinant enzymes. Their products always arrive with detailed batch information, and are performing well in our assays.  When initiating new enzyme assays, Cypex is my first port of call for recombinants

Global CRO

We have been working together with Cypex very successfully for several years. Mostly on projects for the generation of novel P450 systems; or on optimization and expression of already existing mammalian P450 constructs. Projects have been always delivered to high quality standards with detailed reports. Cypex has a deep knowledge in this difficult research field, and we have benefitted greatly from its collaborative approach to communication, interaction and exchange of ideas.

Multinational Pharma Company

We have recently embarked on a highly successful custom project with Cypex. They were highly responsive and efficient in both conception of the work plan and execution of the assay development. Their Bactosome system has enabled our project in a transformational way, where Cypex has delivered timely and high-quality data. We look forward to continued productive collaboration.

US Pharma Company

We recently used the Cypex recombinant CYP450s to prepare metabolites for structure elucidation in connection with two projects. They have proved to be an excellent addition to our panel of drug metabolizing enzymes.

Multinational Pharma Company
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