Cypex is delighted to announce that it will be one of a consortium of 13 diverse organisations across Europe to benefit from the EU Marie Sklodowska-Curie RISE scheme. Focussed on developing insecticides, the programme, titled ‘training next level scientists and researchers to develop highly selective and safe insecticides’ is an exciting opportunity for the Cypex team to share our expertise while learning from other specialists. 
Starting in January, the four year, €1.3 million grant, awarded across the consortium of companies and academic institutions will enable researchers from academia to gain experience from working in industry and industry scientists to gain insight from academic labs. 
Cypex is looking forward to welcoming colleagues from across Europe to our HQ in Dundee. This is an exciting opportunity to support the development of safer insecticides that target only the pest species while sharing our experience in protein expression and learning from others with a diverse range of skills.

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