Cypex is committed to continually developing our range of recombinant metabolising enzymes, and we are pleased to introduce CYP3A22 to our range of pig enzymes.

The introduction of CYP3A22 into the range of pig enzymes that we offer will allow for a fuller assessment of how new compounds would be broken down in pigs.  This isn’t just important news for veterinary medicine, as its use alongside the other mammalian CYPs that we offer can help to give you confidence that you are choosing the best test species for your drug in development for human use.  Details of the CYP3A22BR Bactosomes are here.

This addition to our product range comes a few weeks after the introduction of human CYP2D6*17, an allelic variant of CYP2D6 that is commonly seen in African populations, news.

Cypex produces recombinant xenobiotic metabolising enzymes to provide meaningful insight during the early stages of drug development.  If you are a pharmaceutical pioneer, our specialist and highly skilled team is available to help guide your product choice, so please do get in touch.

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